Return Policy   

Here at SameDayCustom, we try our best to make everyone happy, as a service company, we have control over our partners / affiliate stores, so we are fully responsible for all your returns and exchanges, see below for explanation of our return and exchange policy   .

Defective merchandise :

Here at SameDayCustom , we try to make everyone happy , so If you're not happy with your finished product for any of the following reasons :  Defective item or print , different that requested , wrong color other than requested, wrong size other than requested, misspelled other than requested  or any reason that it appears to be our fault , we will be more than happy to exchange it for you or return it .

Ways to return or exchange :

By calling our customer service number at 1.844.932.8786 , explain the situation and your refund should be issued right away after the item been returned to pickup store or we will have you go back to the pickup location to exchange the product or return .


By visiting the pickup location and they will be more than happy to assist .

NON defective merchandise :

Plain merchandise can be returned , Custom made merchandise are made custom for you so it can't be returned unless one of the above reasons occurred .

What cannot be returned:

No returns will be accepted after 30 days of receipt of purchase. Items with noticeable wear cannot be returned. Items must be in like new condition to be eligible for return. items that arent defective by our side

Shipping charges for products returned: All shipping charges for returning products is paid by us or you can visit your local store to do a same day return 



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